• Students and Parents are expected to commit to an entire session.  The Fall session lasts 12 weeks from September through December (no lessons during Thanksgiving week), Spring lasts 19 weeks from January through May. Summer sessions will be based on availability due to travel and paid per lesson.
  • Lessons are $35/half hour.
  • Lessons should be paid for in advance monthly, due at the first lesson of the month.


The cancellation policy is based a few premises:

1. A consistent weekly schedule maximizes the learning potential for each student.

2. Results from discipline and commitment to learning a musical instrument include a high rate of progress and valuable life skills.

3. Respect for my time ensures that I can continue to be focused and excited to teach.

Allowing for flexibility and unique circumstances, please follow these policies:

  • Students are allowed missed lessons due to illness or emergencies as long as the teacher is notified by the morning of the lesson by telephone.  Other reasons, including vacations, school activities/sports or homework, need to be rescheduled 24-hours in advance.
  • A make-up lesson for the excused absence will be based on mutual availability.
  •  Lessons that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are rescheduled at my discretion.  I want to see everyone regularly, but sometimes I am unable to reschedule on short notice.  If a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance and I am unable to reschedule it, it still needs to be paid for.
  • If I need to reschedule lessons I will let you know at the earliest possible opportunity.


I do my best to start and end lessons at their appointed times.  Latecomers should not expect extra time.  I understand that occasionally, traffic and external events make promptness impossible; however regular tardiness not only wastes money but sets an example for students that it is acceptable.


Instrument rental or purchase is the responsibility of the parent.  Please do not order or buy one until your child has been measured!  Incorrect sizing can make improvement elusive. There are many inexpensive violins and violas available, however, the majority of these are poorly constructed and should not be considered suitable.


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