Dr. Lois Geertz, Violin and Viola

2021-2022 Tuition policy

Monthly Tuition + Fees for each student due on the first of every month (electronic payment preferred – PayPal, ApplePay, Zelle, Venmo):
September 2021-May 2022: Tuition includes 32 lessons to be completed in 39 weeks.  The other 7 weeks allow for emergencies, 24-hour notice of holidays, illness, travel, etc. for the student or teacher. Upon completion of 32 lessons earlier than May 31st, 2022, additional lessons can be added at a per-lesson fee.

***Change for Fall 2021***

*Due to Covid-19 concerns, we were not able to hold a Spring 2020 in-person recital.  Therefore, continuing students will have their 2020 $50 fee carried over to Fall 2021. There will be a $50 fee for the Spring 2022 recital.  (Normally $100/year for 2 recitals minimum)

Recital fee goes towards venue rental (including live-stream and video recording), accompanist fee, and reception

*There will be a $10 charge per lesson (per household) for travel to student’s homes.  

*Yearly administration fee – $100/student

** Spring Recital Fee – $50/student

LevelLesson LengthPer lesson feeTuition for 32 lessons*Admin Fee + **Recital FeeMonthly tuition in 9 equal payments (32 lessons + fees) + $35.50 travel feeMonthly tuition in 9 equal payments (32 lessons + fees) No travel fee  
Book 6-1075 minutes$100$3,200$150$407.50$372
Book 4-560 minutes$80$2,560$150$351.50$301
Book 2-345 minutes$60$1,920$150$265.5$230
Book 130 minutes$40$1,280$150$194.5$159
Beginner15 minutes$20$640$150$123.5$88

SUMMER TUITION – 4 lesson minimum required to hold a spot for the following Fall:

LevelLesson Length4-lesson tuition, due June 1st, 2022+ $10 travel fee per lesson/householdOptional additional summer lessons
Book 6-10  75 minutes$400$440$100
Book 4-5  60 minutes$320$360$80
Book 2-3  45 minutes$240$280$60
Book 1  30 minutes$160$200$40
Pre-Twinkle/Beginner15 minutes$80$120$20


The Suzuki method encourages beginning an instrument at an early age. Since many children start at age 3 or 4, it is developmentally appropriate to begin on a “box violin” rather than one made out of wood. These can be easily made at home or bought for about $10. After a few months of learning preparatory skills, it is incredibly exciting to measure and take home the real violin!

Instrument rental or purchase is the responsibility of the parent.  Please do not order or buy one until your child has been measured!  Incorrect sizing can make improvement elusive. There are many inexpensive violins and violas available, however, the majority of these are poorly constructed and should not be considered suitable.

I recommend renting from local shops such as Lisle Violins or Fishburn Violin Shop, since it is easy to switch sizes as children grow. They also take care of repairs and sometimes offer rent-to-own options! Buying a violin is usually best after a student is ready for a full size instrument.

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